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Awesome 1920s Steam Tractor Still Getting the Job Done

Sure, all of the new technology that’s out there might be attractive and could definitely prove to be a lot more convenient in many situations, especially when it comes to the heavy duty equipment like the machines that you would typically use on a farm. This could range in everything from helpers like air-conditioning to fewer manually used tools to even autonomous systems and everything in between.

However, I think there is a rather large group of people who would agree that the way that things were built back in the old days might have been just a little bit better. Perhaps it’s the simplicity of it all, but it really seems, a lot of times, like older things are more likely to last longer in many situations. Not only that, but when it comes to repairing them, it seems to be a lot simpler as well.

For the people who find themselves in the frame of mind of older being better, this near half an hour video will take you inside of a dream land that shows you some old school farm equipment from the 1920s as it blasts around the farm almost like it did on day one.

This stuff might be pushing the century mark in terms of age, but the steam-powered machinery looks to be running strong. I’m not sure if this is something that these farmers will use on the farm every day, but it most definitely is cool to be able to see stuff that’s this old put into action.