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AWESOME MINI Kenworth SEMI Truck Hauling A Load!

Posted by: Matt Wright on March 4, 2015

AWESOME MINI Kenworth SEMI Truck Hauling A Load!

In the world of miniature scaled creations, we dare to say that the hobby is getting a bit serious. You can see exactly how much time and effort goes into making these builds a success by the truck that’s on display here.

Not only did the creator of this project take the time to build a half-scale semi truck, but they also created a trailer to match!

Check out the rig that’s just a tad shorter than the size of a full-sized man as it blasts around a parking lot in the video below. The man hours that went into putting the build together had to be excruciating!

See how a real big rig does against a BMW M5!

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 8.36.28 AM


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