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Axman Makes the Switch From Twin Turbo to Procharger, Makes Finals in First Race

In the lifespan of a racing machine, it will go through many iterations. Fans who don’t follow closely might think that it’s the same old same. However, in between just about every race, there are very minor changes that are done to most machines. Every driver wants to perfect their craft and this sometimes means changing parts out. Sometimes, those minor changes spiral out of control. This could mean that team owners are sinking major money into trying something new out.

When a prominent racing machine ends up changing the power adder, things can end up being dramatic. Everybody is going to have their eyes feasted on the machine to see how it does. After all, with such a big change, there’s a lot of pressure. If all of that work and investment ends up with a slower car, well, someone might have an axe to grind.

This time, we check in with Axman and the gorgeous Chevrolet Nova. Previously, fans might’ve known this car is being a twin-turbocharged monster. However, the owner has decided to go in a different direction. Instead, the car will now be powered by a centrifugal supercharger. More specifically, the ProCharger brand is on board and things are getting just a little bit rowdy. The car that was a monster before comes out swinging once again with its new setup that certainly doesn’t disappoint.

Down in the video below, The Racing Vids takes the liberty of bringing us along for all of the action. This set up might be new but when it finally hits the no prep surface, it looks like the car has been racing for years. Right off of the bat, this heavy hitter is already throwing some heavy punches. In fact, it manages to go all the way to the finals in the event!