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Azn Dials In The Dung Beetle In Preparation To Take Down The Farmtruck At Thunder Valley

Most of the time, Farmtruck and AZN are teamed up, working together to set up some kind of race on the streets of OKC or some other shenanigans for Street Outlaws, but this weekend the teammate banner comes down and the two are going to go head to head at Thunder Valley Raceway in Noble, Oklahoma.

Farmtruck will of course be driving THE Farmtruck, and he’ll be taking on AZN in the small-but-might Dung Beetle Volkswagen. To get ready for the big race, AZN brought the Dung Beetle up to the line, which was moved to the eighth mile mark for the night, and laid down a nice looking hit. The car sounded a little soft but with the unprepared surface being a little hard to judge, it’s hard to know how much power it will take. AZN may dial up a little more boost for the race, or he may play it safe and make sure he goes A to B and hope Farmtruck overpowers the tricky surface.

Regardless of the outcome, you can bet once the race is over, these two will be back working together to terrorize the streets of Oklahoma City, whether it’s in the Farmtruck, the Dung Beetle, or whatever other crazy project they’ve brainstormed into existence. Stay tuned right here to Speed Society and we’ll try to get you the footage of the race itself so you’ll know who took the win! This event is one of the largest no-prep style events in the nation, with a huge crowd of spectators sure to roll in to check out almost all of the cars from Street Outlaws, several of the guys from Street Outlaws New Orleans and a huge field of no-prep badasses packed into the track to take their shot at the $100,000+ purse. Look for more big races throughout the weekend. With this many big names on the property, there’s sure to be some call outs and big-money grudge races taking place too!

Had a blast today dialing in the beetle. Got some good data now it's time to look it all over. Big thanks to Farmtruck and Azn for giving me the opportunity of joining their team. And to all my friends that are always down for a good time. And the support they give me Shawn Abedi Grant Smith Jared Holt Baylor Drew

Posted by Chris Benejan on Thursday, August 10, 2017

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