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AZN From Street Outlaws Gets Yelled at by a Cop in Australia

While the rest of us sat here stewing in off-season boredom, Street Outlaws stars Farmtruck and AZN hopped a flight to the Land of Oz for take in the craziness that is the Summernats in Australia. While he was visiting down under, AZN took a ride in a ’67 Impala and had a quick, but intense, interaction with the local authorities.

AZN, riding shotgun in the Impy, is cutting up with the locals as they cruise down the street, hanging out the window and hollering at the spectators as he cruises past. Well, one Aussie motorcycle cop wasn’t entertained by these antics and yelled for him to stay in the car. Well, AZN being AZN, he didn’t exactly heed that warning, so just a few moments later, the same cop pulls up alongside them and gives them a wicked tongue lashing, threatening them with a ticket and ending by calling them a goose, which nobody seems to understand, even the native Australian driver.

AZN keeps his enthusiasm in better check after getting yelled at, keeping himself inside the car and his yelling to a dull roar, but they still end up with a two-man police escort for much of their cruise! Check out the antics, keeping a close eye on the cool rides that pass by while they’re riding.

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