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AZN in Jeeper Sleeper Takes on Lamborghini Huracan (Gold Rush Rally vs 405 Callout)

Within our automotive community, there are all sorts of different strokes. Even when we break it down to something like drag racing, there are still different subcommunities to be found within the larger group. Just to show off exactly what we’re talking about, we take a trip back a couple of weeks ago to Thunder Valley Raceway in Oklahoma City.

At the Speed Society-sponsored event, some of the crew from the Street Outlaws took on some of the Gold Blooded from goldRush Rally. No matter which way someone in the premises looked, there were all sorts of awesome machines tailored to different driving styles.

Obviously, the Street Outlaws crew has built their cars and trucks for a very specific purpose. At the end of the day, these cars are really designed to go fast in a straight line. These guys really have a passion for drag racing that’s simply hard to come by. When it comes to going fast in a straight line, look no further!

On the other hand, we have the Gold Blooded from goldRush Rally. These exotics do well in a variety of different categories. Perhaps they can carve up the corners before going on a long cruise through the mountains. That isn’t to say they are slouches on the drag strip, though. Many of these exotics can certainly hold their own against a wide variety of competitors.

This time, from the National No Prep Association, we get a little bit of footage from the event. This one mostly focuses on AZN taking his Jeeper Sleeper SRT8 Jeep and putting it against a Lamborghini Huracan from goldRush. Naturally, the Jeep is one of the more tame horses in the stable. This thing still kicks when it wants to, though! The Huracan, on the other hand, screams its way down the track with a vengeance!