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Major Changes to AZN’s Dung Beetle are Coming

Sure, when it comes to the dynamic duo of Farmtruck and AZN, they might be best known for that haggard orange Chevrolet C10 that doesn’t look like it’s ready to do so much as hurt a fly but instead packs a heavy punch, showing that you shouldn’t always trust what your eyes observe. However, more recently, AZN has come up with his very own concoction of factors to create a whole different sleeper entirely. Instead of a pickup truck, as you probably know, the vehicle takes form in the body of a Volkswagen Beetle that is air cooled and does its diligence in kicking ass.

In this one, we check out a video as we’re taken along for the ride with this sinister Beetle that is up to no good, through the streets of Oklahoma as it makes its way to a performance shop in order to do a little bit of overhauling. The shop in question goes by the name of Misfire Garage and usually takes the liberty of working on high-performance Subaru applications. Instead, though, it looks like they’ve got their hands on something a little bit different this time and the way that they’re talking about it, the crew hasn’t exactly told us all that’s going to be done to the car but we get the feeling that it’s going to be something incredibly fun to watch.

If you follow along down the video below, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes cruise with AZN And his ride that really deserves a second look as it brings together a lot of elements that are highly sought after and make you think. If the car wasn’t enough of a sleeper for you up to this point, I would venture to think that whatever it’s up to with these off-season mods, it’s probably going to pack even more of a punch than it had originally, so keep your eyes peeled and be ready for what happens next!