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Back Road Car Show Turns Into a Burnout Contest!

The guys over at Urban Hillbilly Videos don’t just cover drag races, but you can bet whenever they break out the cameras it because there’s something awesome happening. They loaded up their gear and headed to Willard, Missouri for the Spooky Moon Car Show, where things evolved from a show and shine to an impromptu burnout contest with some pretty spectacular smoke shows.

I can’t even deny that I watched this whole video, all six plus minutes of it, halfway expecting to see one of these cars plow into the crowd of spectators lined up alongside the road. However, each of these drivers showed a great deal of restraint and skill in keeping their car’s squarely in the road, despite ripping off some great burnouts. Thankfully for the spectators, none of these cars even came close to leaving the roadway.

While the title of this video would indicate there is a winner, the only winner here is the crowd after being treated to what appears to be a whole afternoon of smoking tires and screaming engines. From Camaros to Mustangs to massive Cadillacs and even a C10 pulling a boat, there’s a little something for everybody, and they’re all throwing down some hot sticky rubber all in the name of entertaining those standing alongside the road.

I hate to have to be all “stick in the mud”, but the day and age we live in requires that I at least mention that burnouts are illegal and can be dangerous and that we are in no way encouraging anybody to go out and do them. That way we don’t get our butts in trouble with the legal department when we say if you do decide to rip off a big smoky burnout, you dang well better make sure there’s video so the rest of the world can share in your fun. Just don’t take that as encouragement to do so because it’s not.


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