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Backwards Land Speed Record Sends Car Well Over 100mph in Reverse

If you take a peek at those who are out and about trying to set records, there are really a lot of these records to be had, even in the automotive performance community. No matter what the forum or the venue, it seems like somebody has come up with a creative way to put their name in the record books. Some of these records are more prevalent than others and this time, we check out a display that has certainly caught our eye as the individual going for gold would really have to push the limits in order to get his way into the books. This is certainly is white-knuckle action if we have ever seen any.

This time, we check out the display from an individual who decides to go at a record backwards. What are we talking about? Well, you see, this land speed record isn’t necessarily one that is like anything we’ve ever seen before as the driver throws it in reverse and rockets his way into the history books. Why is this super impressive? To be honest, I could probably name a couple of people who I know that can’t even manage to back out of a parking spot so just imagine the ability that it takes to be able to travel at a touch over 130 mph while in reverse. With one false move of the steering, this could really and up being a ride that is an all-new kind of dangerous.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be taken to the scene to see exactly what a car traveling at 209.7 km/h looks like while in reverse. I know that, for Daniel Abt, behind the wheel here, there had to be quite the level of anxiety because even on this side of the screen where nothing is happening, I was able to feel the tenseness building inside of my chest!