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BADASS Hydratrek 6×6 Amphibious Vehicle!

BADASS Hydratrek 6×6 Amphibious Vehicle!

While most vehicles have their limits, the Hydratek 6×6 knows nothing of the sorts. The rugged tracks and amphibious nature of this rig allow the 6×6 to not only conquer the land, but float navigate the body of water of your choosing as well.

In this one, we get a chance to ride along as the Hydratrek XT66 6×6 amphibious vehicle is tested out in some of the most unagreeable terrain that you could possibly come across. This is all possible thanks to the help of a 44HP turbocharged Kubota diesel motor and dual propellers for water speeds up to 5 knots.

Check out the video below as this Hydratek pretty much ignores the laws of physics and goes just about anywhere that it pleases, all without getting stuck! This could possibly be one of the most versatile vehicles that you’ll ever have in the arsenal. It looks like it could be especially fun for the survivalist in your life!


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