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Badass Michelin Airless Tires for Loaders and Tractors in Action!

The concept of air-filled tires is getting old. Even though the technology in the field is constantly advancing and we can rely on it consistently now, we haven’t seen a complete overhaul of the design in our lifetimes, but it looks as if tire companies are looking to change that!

This time, Michelin has come up with a way to completely eliminate air from tires so you’ll never have to worry about a flat again. While the “tweel” design still probably has a few kinks to work out before we see it on roads, the concept it truly promising.

From environmental friendliness to more durability, it seems like there’s no reason that this technology would be held back from emerging in the market. There are really a lot of benefits to a design like this, but it leads you to wonder exactly how durable they’d be in a real world situation on the road.

Check out the video below that outlines the new technology and tell us if you would buy a set for your car. For now, it might just be a way to consider moving forward with smaller equipment like lawnmowers, golf carts, and other machines of the like.

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 9.29.13 AM


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