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This Might Just be the Most Badass Modded Polaris RZR Ever

The concept of a side-by-side seems like a lot of fun. It’s hard to deny how much versatility these machines really have. Many times, they’re purchased for the pure function of getting a job done. Whether it’s on the farm or around the shop, a Polaris RZR could definitely help out the cause. However, there is also a fun side to the platform that really has our attention.

Over in the off-roading world, the RZR is a rather common way to get down. Not only do these things provide some pretty insane performance right out of the box. There is also a wide array of aftermarket options designed to hook up a side-by-side. Depending on preference and budget, someone could either rock out with a stock unit or maybe even build one with all the bells and whistles.

This time, we take a ride on the wild side with a Polaris RZR RS1 that has been modified to the moon and back. Known as “Sonic The Hedgehog,” this machine has more custom work than can be absorbed with a single glance. Therefore, the crew over at Triple-X Motorsports and Outdoors took it upon themselves to catch up with the owner, Brent Griffith with BS Offroad.

In the video below, we watch as Griffith goes over the entire build with a fine-tooth comb. It really seems like a lot of elbow grease and attention was invested in making sure that this rig was unlike any other before it. This thing really takes the concept of a side-by-side to a whole new level both figuratively and literally.

Oh yeah – last but not least… When this wild machine tackles a mud hole there is a very small chance that it’s going to end up stuck. Sonic almost always seems to make it to the other side.