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BADASS Stick Shift Mustang Huge WHEELIE!

BADASS Stick Shift Mustang Huge WHEELIE!

The argument goes back and forth. Some will tell you that automatic is much more capable at the drag strip and others maintain that a standard can be just as good with a solid driver.

While some may argue that a stick shift car can’t launch as well as an automatic, this nitrous powered Ford Mustang has a little bit of evidence to refute that claim!

When this bad machine launches off of the line, it’s almost immediately staring at the stars as the front wheels prepare for takeoff!

Check out the insanity in the video below as the car finally touches down and hustles its way to the end of the track. Score one for the folks in the stick shift corner.

This 3000hp Mustang makes one incredible comeback with wheels up all the way down the track!

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 11.31.57 AM