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Badass Video Of The Day! F15 goes Inverted After Refueling

When you take a look at an aircraft like the F15, this thing looks insane and aggressive all while it’s sitting in one spot on the ground let alone up there in the air, pulling off its insane maneuvers as it slices through that air life a hot knife through butter, really putting all of the engineering behind it to the test. This time, we’re able to take another step on top of that as the bomber hits the air and is taking on a refueling mission while taking us for the ride!

Watching this flat and pointed flying machine glide through the air is truly something that is tough to wrap your mind around as it slices through the atmosphere and makes its way right up on the refueling plane, patiently waiting as fuel runs down the spot and gets this machine the juice that it needs to keep on gliding through the sky. It’s impressive to watch as it makes magic happen up there in the air, completely coordinating with another plane to complete the mission before being set on its way.

Check out the refueling in the video below that puts you right in the action and shows what the whole process looks like, up close and personal. All of this, of course, before the F15 dislodges from the fuel spout and rolls away, literally, as the jet goes inverted and flies upside down in the sky, showing off its ultimate maneuverability as this thing seems to be able to do it all, all of those feet above the ground as it continues on to defy gravity and make its presence felt in the atmosphere. If you don’t find something like this to be incredible, then you might also struggle to find a pulse in your body!