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Baddest Viper on the Planet Making Test Hits

If you’ve never heard of Sal Patel and his insane Dodge Viper, you’d better get to Google searching because this thing has been bad for years and it’s quickly snatching up all kinds of records and attention yet again after a brief seat out due to a pretty severe wreck just a couple of years ago.

Once upon a time, this very Viper managed to blast its way to the 6-second range in the quarter mile at speeds topping 200 mph, becoming the fastest ever car with an independent rear suspension at the time and even holding the title for the fastest Viper in the quarter.

However, since the rebuild after the wreck, Sal has decided that he would be retooling the car a bit to try his luck at the half mile and while that is panning out pretty well with his seizing of the RWD world record with a 227.96-second pass at the WannaGoFast Half Mile just a couple of days ago, he did manage to get in just a little bit of testing and tuning at the drag strip before going full half-mile mode and that’s exactly what we’re checking out here in this BigKleib34 throwback clip.

Check out the video below as the Viper just plants and goes on a couple of test hits that the team was doing back when they were first getting the car back together. With the 2017 season barely being underway as far as the half mile goes, it’ll be exciting to see just how fast this black diamond will go!

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