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Bagged Motorcycle Trailer is the Definition of COOL

As an automotive enthusiast, we take the opportunity to go over our vehicles with a fine tooth comb, making sure that no stone is left unturned in the pursuit of perfection, getting every last minute detail in just the right place so that we really have something that we can be proud of. Whether you’re driving a car, truck, or rolling on a motorcycle, this is one common thread that you will find amongst most communities of mechanical modification. However, there is also one area that is commonly overlooked and we think should have a little bit bigger presence in the world of modification.

Normally, because it’s an area that can cost a good amount of money to spruce up and one that widely has the “function over form” mentality behind it, most won’t really take the opportunity to make their trailers anything special. As long as it works, most enthusiasts are satisfied with just a bland old boring trailer and we can’t blame them because you can definitely see the reasoning behind such an effort or lack thereof. However, inversely, you can surely appreciate it when somebody puts a little elbow grease into a trailer to make it something special.

If you follow down below, you’ll be able watch a segment from an episode of Texas Metal as they take the liberty of transforming something as simple as motorcycle trailer into something awesome, a job that’s really worth taking a second look at. Not only is this one incredibly functional as it promises about the simplest and most straightforward method of hauling your motorcycle but is also nothing short of a piece of artwork. You’re not going to see too many trailers out there like this and when you do, you can’t help but stop and admire all of the hard work that has gone into bringing something like this together.