Barn Find Hunter Uncovers a $1,000,000 Barn Find… WOW

Sometimes, when you’ve established yourself as one of the true authorities on barn ...

Sometimes, when you’ve established yourself as one of the true authorities on barn finds, the cars come to you. That’s what happened in this episode of Barn Find Hunter, where Tom Cotter actual had a car owner contact him about one of the rarest cars ever built.

Cotter heads to California to check out a ride that only a few people out there will have even heard of. We’d certainly never heard of a 1952 Pegaso Z102. Tucked away in this garage for 45 years, the car is basically in pieces, but it appears that the parts to complete the car are all in the garage. The specs on the are truly unique, as it featured a small displacement aluminum hemi V8 was mated to a lightweight drivetrain. The car has a surprisingly modern design, featuring a crosshair grill reminiscent of a few cars in the current Dodge lineup.

There is a small area of the rear fender that shows the car’s original color, a dark reddish brown color that will really look great on the car when it’s restored.

With only 85 of the cars ever built, it truly is a rare find, and that of course drives the value through the roof. The value is estimated to be into the seven figure range, although it will require a painstaking overhaul to reach that point.

However, with almost all of the parts needed to restore it, it could very well be back in front of the camera soon in it’s restored state, likely rolling across the auction block at Barrett Jackson. This episode of Barn Find Hunter doesn’t end with the Pegaso, though, so keep watching to see what else Cotter is able to uncover as he journey’s through California. If you saw Fate of the Furious, the latest in the Fast and Furious franchise, there might even be a ride that you recognize making an appearance toward the end of the video.

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