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BBC 454 Sitting For 10 Years First Starting Up!

BBC 454 Sitting For 10 Years  First Starting Up!

Even with just 86,000 miles on this big block Chevrolet 454, it was left to sit, untouched with tons of potential for an entire 10 years!

With a little bit of homemade engineering to wire up a starting system, the two-bolt main engine would be fired up successfully to shake off the cob webs!

The exhaust note of an old school big block is like music to our ears as this thing starts like magic, almost as if it had just been produced yesterday!

Check out this neat experiment that shows us how they don’t build them like they used to! The owner thinks the engine could use a more aggressive cam to top it off. What do you think?

Watch below as this Charger barn find starts up for the first time in years!