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Beating The Life Out Of The New 2019 Silverado

For those who have the opportunity to call it their job to be the first to get a crack at checking out vehicles as media members who review them, they get to do some things that not too many others will be able to. Sure, the perk of being able to get their hands on all kinds of new vehicles has to be a blast but even better, if a situation like this one arises, they could get the chance to stretch them to the limits past what you would ever dare to do with your own personal vehicle because you’re not exactly in the business of pushing the limits on your new truck.

In this one, that looks like exactly what’s going down with the guys over at TFL Truck as they have gotten their grips on a 2019 Chevrolet Silverado Z71 and are making it their business to see exactly how far this thing will go as they expose it to the elements, making the truck really earn its reputation in terms of trucks that have ultimate off-road ability right out of the box, exposing it to not only tough and muddy surfaces but also bumps and inclines of all kinds that really give the truck a couple of curveballs along the way.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll get the rare opportunity to see a brand-spankin’ new pickup truck getting the business from a ready and willing participant who is taking this thing to the edge. If you want to talk about a job that’s a blast, it really looks like something like this would have a ton of upside. I mean, it’s definitely something that takes a lot of work, but being able to hound on awesome vehicles like this sure is an upside!


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