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Beautiful First Gen Camaro Rides Wheelstand Across The Finish Line For A W

When it comes to wheelies, they’re usually more enjoyable for spectators than they are for racers. Sure, the wheels hanging on the front of a car might look cool. Drivers might even very much cherish that wheelie shot that they have. However, when it comes to competitive racing, at least, it’s certainly not something that a driver wants to have happen.

When the wheels on the car shoot up in the air, it means that the machine isn’t going to be able to have the most efficient pass possible. The driver will be lifting off of the throttle so that the car doesn’t wreck. Obviously, the car isn’t going to be able to get down the track as quickly as it normally would. If a pair of cars are pretty evenly matched, more likely than not, the machine that pulls wheels up is probably going to lose. It’s just how these things normally go.

This time, we catch up with a situation where the driver behind the wheel of a wheel standing Chevrolet Camaro is in for a thrill. As the Camaro bolted through the 60 foot, the wheels would hang in the air. In fact, this wheelie was carried out through most of the racing surface. We think the bumper might’ve even kissed the concrete at one point in time. This wouldn’t stop the machine from absolutely slaying the race, though.

By following along with the video below, we get to check out quite the grudge race. These machines were out to get one another and the competition was insane to watch. Even though the Camaro put on a massive sideshow that normally would’ve thrown most racers off of their game, the performance still was enough for him to end up taking home the victory. This is definitely a race that this driver is going to want to put on his resume.