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“BedRyders” Provide Legal Way to Ride in Pickup Truck Bed

"BedRyders" Provide Legal Way to Ride in Pickup Truck Bed

Sometimes, we take a look at different trends and wonder why they never hung around. For example, the likes of the Subaru Brat seemed like something new and innovative in its day. For those unfamiliar with the platform, it was basically Subaru’s version of a miniature pick up. What made it different from the rest of the vehicles in a similar class? One differentiating factor was the fact that the Brat had seats in the bed. That’s right, passengers could strap up facing rearward in the bed of the vehicle.

The Brat was produced from the late 70s all the way up to 1994. Since then, we haven’t seen any similar bed configuration.

What we have seen, though, are various stories of people being tossed from pickup truck beds. Regardless of if there are seats in the bed or not, folks will probably try to ride along in these beds. As many have found, it’s a trend that is nothing short of illegal.

However, with one little nuance of the law, one creator was able to come up with an invention to help. Reminiscent of the Brat, we find a product that goes by the name of “BedRyder.”

Essentially, the product ends up being able to be bolted into just about any pickup truck bed. This will allow seating for those who would like a safer ride in the bed. It ends up being legal because the law technically says that people are allowed to ride here as long as they are restrained.

The invention was pretty interesting and sparked something in our brains that made us want to find out more. As we looked into it, we found that the product had been known to sell for about $700. Since the original airing on Shark Tank, though, things might not be looking so great. There isn’t much recent news on the company and we couldn’t locate a website or any social media.

After a quick spin of the Internet, we, unfortunately, couldn’t find any for sale, either. Perhaps, the BedRyder brand is now on the back burner. You never know when one might pop up on eBay, though!

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