BEEFED UP Mopar Show Off Goes Wrong! Rear End Yard Sale!

BEEFED UP Mopar Show Off Goes Wrong! Rear End Yard Sale!FLASH SALE!!!! click the ...

BEEFED UP Mopar Show Off Goes Wrong! Rear End Yard Sale!

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When it comes to raw power, there’s nothing that comes close to American muscle, but it looks like this Mopar’s power might be just a little bit too raw!

How can power be too raw? Well, when this gentleman in his old school classic lays into the throttle, his car continues to go, but his rear seems to want to stay put as it is dislodged from the body. It’s a truly unfortunate situation that we NEVER like to see, but for some reason the people behind the camera don’t see it that way.

Check out the high definition dash cam video of the incident below as it unfolds in front of our eyes! The only thing more unfortunate than this equipment malfunction is the spectator reaction to the event. Hopefully this beautiful classic is back up and running in no time!

This Camaro does one EXPENSIVE burnout that they’ll never forget.


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