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Behind The Scenes Footage Of Jeff Lutz VS Ryan Martin In The Finals At No Prep Kings Topeka

While most of America is fixated on their television screens following the action on the Oklahoma City Top 10 List, the guys that make Street Outlaws the most popular show on television on Monday’s are out racing each other on the track, filming for new episodes of No Prep Kings.

Two of the most beloved cars on the show faced off recently and threw down one of the best side by side races we’ve seen. Ryan Martin’s Fireball Camaro has spent quite a bit of time at number one on the list and is always a threat to take the top spot at any given time. The car is powered by a twin turbocharged ProLine Racing Engines powerplant and should be capable of creating around 3,500 horsepower.

Drag Week legend Jeff Lutz is a familiar face to Street Outlaws fans, having made runs at the list in three different cars over the past few seasons. However, he’s made an effort to put his newest ride into the thick of the battle for the top of the list and has been fighting his way up the list so far this season. The gorgeous ’57 is also powered by a twin turbo powerplant, this one built by Jeff himself, and should make just as much power as the Fireball, if not more.

So as you can imagine, when the two face off it makes for a pretty epic battle, and when the No Prep Kings rolled into Heartland Motorsports Park near Topeka, KS the two faced off in the finals to see who would take home the winner’s payday and the lion’s share of the points for the season-long points chase.

The cars laid down some fresh rubber with their burnouts and pulled to the line, then staged up and hit the light, launching side by side and staying that way through the 1/8th mile. The crews for each car held their breath in anticipation, having to wait on the win light at the far end to show who’d taken the win!


Behind the scenes StreetOutlaws NPK Finals Lutz Vs Ryan Martin Topeka.

Posted by Amoris Martinez on Monday, 14 January 2019


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