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Bessemer Oilfield Engine Startup After 50+ Years

Bessemer Oilfield Engine Startup After 50+ Years

There are not too many things that you could pull out from 50 years ago and fire right up to run just like new again. Situations like that just don’t really happen.

From what we’re told by the uploader of this video, the engine in question is a “Bessemer oilfield engine pulled freshly off an oil lease in Warren, PA.”

Even after 50 years of not being used, this engine starts up and cranks like a champ, reminiscing on its old days of mining for oil for hours on end.

Check out the video below that has this thing wound up and ready to go. It doesn’t look too bad for being such a relic of the past. Most others of this kind are probably sitting around in a museum, if they’re being used at all.

Watch as this GIANT diesel engine fires up after 30 years!



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