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Best Child’s Toy Ever | Mini-Speed Boat

Best Child’s Toy Ever | Mini-Speed Boat

When growing up, there are a lot of ways that we entertained ourselves. Some of us were left to our own devices while others were able to get our hands on some fun toys, the luckiest grabbing the big kid toys like go-karts!

This time, we check out a toy that trumps all, a miniature pool-cruising speed boat that we think any kid in the world would be lucky to have.

As this kid puts around in the pool, we can’t help but wonder where the toys like this were when we were kids, as Jukin says, it definitely beats pool noodles and the basketball hoops that we grew up with!

Check out the video of the incredibly cool toy below and be sure to share your thoughts on what you think of this little’s guy’s bouyant ride.


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