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What Is The Best Sports Car For Under $60,000?

There are several purchases that are considered the biggest that most will go through. For the majority, the two biggest purchases that they will make are their home and their car. If someone is lucky enough, they will be able to add more than one car to the repertoire. After all, it can be hard for a gearhead to stop at just one.

In terms of cars that are toys, generally, there’s going to be some sort of budget associated with picking one up. Sometimes, it can seem like the coolest cars are simply out of reach due to their price tag. However, with a little bit of research, we think that most people can find something that they deem to be pretty cool.

Now, we know that a price tag of $60,000 for a toy is probably pretty steep for most. However, it’s definitely not out of reach. It might take a little bit of saving to come up with the decent down payment but we would think that $60,000 is totally doable.

Would $60,000 be enough, though, to buy something that’s really worth it? Could this price point be able to purchase an impressive car? After all, that’s a lot of loot to end up purchasing a disappointment.

This time, we follow along with an interesting concept from VINWiki that takes us inside just that question. In this one, we get to hear from the opinions of a whole collection of automotive YouTubers. The question at hand is what the best possible car that somebody can possibly purchase for $60,000 would be.

After checking this one out, be sure to tell us what you think of the list of cars that they came up with. Do you think that there’s another machine that would find its way to this list and do a better job of fitting the criteria?


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