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Beyond The Build: S1, EP.2 – “Vengeance” (Visions of C7.R)

Beyond The Build: S1, EP.2 – “Vengeance” (Visions of C7.R): Can the masterminds at SDWRAP make the Corvette C7.R concept come to life? Friendly-fire between staff comes to head & taken outside Speed Society HQ!

In this episode of Bryond the Build Mike and Charlie head over to SD Wrap to talk with Ramin and Mehdi. They hit Ramin with the hard truth of how long they have to apply all the stickers to the car. As Ramin says this is not just a couple stickers. Crunch time is in full effect as they guys at SD Wrap rush to get the car done and back to Speed Society HQ completely finished and looking perfect for a shoot!

Meanwhile back at Speed Society HQ Safety Man Matt breaks the news to Morgan aka Smudge that Wheelie Warren thinks he can ride the 50 around the building faster than Morgan… Now it’s on! The guys roll out to settle this debate and see who is truly the fastest! Warren is about to head out and hop on the bike until Matt rolls out with a helmet to make sure the guys are safe! Warren rips around the building setting a blazing time of 34.20 but Morgan has experience on his hands cranking out a killer time of 34.18 BARELY beating Warren!

Next time on Beyond THe Build our partners from Vengeance Racing fly in to San Diego to start the big build on our Corvette Z06 turning it into a true monster. Stay tuned because episode 3 premieres Tuesday October 2nd and you are not going to want to miss this episode! Enjoy the show below and let us know what you think in the comments!