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Beyond The Build: Tearing Apart A Brand New Hellcat Redeye

What kind of madman would rip apart one of the most impressive cars on the road these days in a Hellcat Redeye Challenger?

Well, in order to build a dream machine, sometimes, you need to take a couple of steps backward first. Don’t get us wrong, we can’t help but fall in love with some of the most recent offerings from Dodge. We think that the Redeye line really took the liberty of knocking the ball out of the park. Long story short, it’s a great time to be alive as a muscle car enthusiast.

However, no matter how good of a job the factory does, there’s always a little bit of room for improvement. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about a million-dollar exotic car or an entry-level sports car. Even when it comes to one of the most powerful muscle cars on the market with the Redeye, in the right set of hands, it’ll do even better!

Therefore, this time, we had to take apart some of what Dodge deemed to be the best choice for the Redeye.

During a project, the portion where we deconstruct the car to install the modifications can seem so far away from the finish line. However, as we follow along with our friend, Brenton Brown, from Forza Tuning and Performance, things just go by so smoothly. This is definitely amplified by the fact that he had a little bit of in-house help from Speed Society’s own Mike “The Wrench” Petruzzo.

In this one, we watch as the supercharger, exhaust, headers, and so much more come off of the car to make room for improvement. From there, just about everything is prepared to go back together. Next time, we bring you along for the show as we do some buttoning up and even dig into what makes the modified supercharger that’s going on the car all that much better than the stock unit.

In addition to watching the car (that could potentially be yours if you’re entered in the giveaway) come together. Some might just stand to learn a couple of tips and tricks along the way with the Beyond the Build series. – Forza Tuned 

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