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Bible Found In Pickup Truck Stolen From Dodge Factory in Michigan as Police Search For Suspects

In one of the most brazen thefts I’ve ever personally heard of, a group of thieves broke into the Warren Truck Assembly Plant in Michigan and made off with 8 brand new Dodge Ram pickup trucks. How they managed to steal the trucks quite literally sounds like the plot of an action film, although this is definitely no Hollywood stunt.

The groups of drivers managed to enter the fence at the facility – it’s not clear if they scaled the fence, cut it, or dug under it, or how exactly the bypassed it – and hopped into the brand new pickups. They then exited the facility by smashing through the gate in a convoy before heading off into the distance.

Authorities have recovered most of the trucks, with six of the eight that were taken have been recovered in various conditions. Some of the trucks had parts stripped while the others seemed to be in perfect condition and had just been ran out of gas. All of the truck are being swabbed for DNA evidence and dusted for fingerprints, which will hopefully help authorities track down the people responsible.

One of the truck, ironically enough, was found with a bible left inside. While religion and theft don’t usually go hand in hand, people can and do twist the scripture to fit their agenda. Or it could be that it was left as a bit of a joke. Regardless, the Bible too is being tested for DNA evidence and fingerprints in hopes of finding some idea of who took these trucks.

The final 2 truck are still missing, but authorities are hopeful any evidence from the other six that have been recovered will lead them to the final two. Obviously we hate to see any vehicles being stolen, and we wish the best for the authorities as they work to track down those responsible for this crime. If you have any information regarding this situation, there is a reward, so contact the authorities immediately. You could be the hero in this case!