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Bicyclist Is Tired Of Your Crap, Uses Airhorn To Get People Out Of Bike Lane

In the day and age of being glued to some piece of technology or otherwise experiencing some sort of distraction in daily life, it seems like some people just end up not being aware of the world around them. Sometimes, this is in a dangerous situation, such as being behind the wheel of a car that’s thousands of pounds and other times, while it might not be so dangerous as in a situation where someone is walking down the street, it can really be something that gets a bit invasive as it intrudes on other people going about their day.

For this bicyclist, it seems like he experiences an unusually high level of interruption as he makes his way down the bike lane on his regular commute but he isn’t going to let the people in his way stop him from rolling on two wheels. While it doesn’t look like this rider is necessarily ready to run everyone out of his path, he isn’t simply sitting down and letting everyone just ignore the fact that there’s a lane that’s supposed to be dedicated to bicycles. Instead, he takes it upon himself to really make his presence felt in a big way!

If you should follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to witness the magic as this rider makes the most of an airhorn in order to make sure that these folks know that this rider is coming! It might not be the most normal way to make sure that people don’t walk in front of you but it certainly does look to be effective. I guess that if the bike lane isn’t doing the job of keeping people out of your way, you might as well take it upon your own shoulders and get the job done yourself!

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