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When it comes to a Chevrolet Corvette that you can write home about, the 1963 split window is pretty desirable and held in a pretty high regard in the Vette community.

While most of them are meticulously maintained and shined up real good, this guy has taken his split window in a different direction entirely, literally.

We check out this creation that has taken the crossed flags and risen them up a bit to sit on some 54″ boggers and hit the holes hard.

We know that some enthusiasts might be flopping about in their sleep right now, but then again, it isn’t their time or money that made this build come together, now is it!?

Check out the unique example of a ’63 in the Triple-X Motorsports flick below as the car hits the mud pit hard and screams its way around. Love it or hate it, you can’t deny that this guy is having a great time with his ride!

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