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Big Chief VS Ryan For The #2 Spot!

We’re talking about street racing, Big Chief and  Ryan Martin are two of the biggest names in the game. With racers like this, some of the dream matchups that you could only otherwise imagine come to life as some of the strongest competition is put up against one another to make things go off with a bang.

Chief in the Crow goes head-to-head with Ryan Martin in the Fireball Camaro to see which of these stout drag monsters will be able to stretch out a lead on this night and take it all the way to the finish line to make their way home with victory and the number #2 spot.

Check out the video below that puts you on the starting line to see the action from a place where you can practically smell the fuel burning. Which one of these racers will grab traction and follow through enough on the big end enough to win? Well, you’re going to have to see that one for yourself.

Photo credit – 405 Photo, follow on Instagram and Facebook!

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