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Big Chief VS Swamp Thing Outlaw Armageddon

Big Chief brought out the new Crow for it’s no prep debut and ran into a little bit of trouble. After laying down some great test hits and really seeming to have the car lined out, something went awry in the first round of the All Star Invitational, the main event at Outlaw Armageddon 3.

Racing in the right lane, the same lane that had given his partner in crime Murder Nova trouble earlier in the weekend, Chief’s new GTO left hard along Chris Taggart in the awesome Swamp Thing Longtop Nova station wagon. The cars appeared to be welded together for the first couple hundred feet, but Chief got crossed up and made a hard move toward the center line. Just a moment later, Chris also got crossed up in the wagon, and you can see in the video that they get surprisingly close to touching on the top end. By virtue of the call from the top end, Swamp Thing was declared the winner, ending Big Chief’s bid to become the first repeat winner of the All Star Invitational.

Runs like this are a huge part of the reason for the explosion of the popularity of no prep racing. Either of these cars could have taken the win because the track plays the role of equalizer, forcing the crew chiefs to have to tune to the tricky conditions and the drivers to have to actually drive when things turn loose. You can hear the crowd react to the drivers getting crossed up and almost touching and again when the winner is announced.

Outlaw Armageddon is certainly one of the biggest no prep events, but there are plenty more out there, including a couple of series now dedicated to the niche. If you want badass rides and edge-of-your-seat thrills, no prep is the place to be! It’s action from start to finish and many of the cars may look familiar to those of you who tune in to Discovery Channel on Monday nights.