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Everyone Somehow Survives as Big Rig Rolls Over on Top of Parked Pickup

Big Rig Crash Is Absolutely Bonkers

In Lubbock County, Texas, last Friday, an event went down that was nothing short of a miracle. They always say that those responding to situations on the highway have an incredibly dangerous job. Between the fast speed of cars and motorists not paying attention, things can get hectic out there. However, we can’t say that anyone expects something like this to happen.

A camera crew from a local NBC Affiliate was on the scene to capture the entire situation. As an emergency crew was on location to handle one situation, another would unfold. Cameras were rolling as a semi-truck would approach the scene, unable to stop. From there, it would swerve to avoid slow-moving and stopped vehicles. In an effort to not contact these other vehicles, the driver would end up driving off of the road. As the truck swerved, it would roll over, making contact with other vehicles and landing right on top of a pickup truck.

In the most amazing part of this entire ordeal, there was a person inside of the pickup. While they were pinned inside and it took a substantial amount of time to remove them, the occupant was alert. They would be taken to the hospital for further evaluation.

When looking at a scene like this, it’s hard to imagine that everybody managed to stay alive through it. However, only one DPS trooper suffered serious injuries. The trooper is expected to make a full recovery following the incident. The rest of the people on the scene suffered minor injuries or were alright.

After taking a look back on this one, it really appears to be nothing short of a miracle. All of the pieces fell in just the right position as to allow everyone to escape.

We have no word as to what caused the driver of the semi truck to end up in the predicament.