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Big Rig Decked Out in Custom Work From Head to Toe

For those who happen to be in love with the world of wheels, there are a variety of different platforms from which to start building. Sure, when someone hears the term “automotive enthusiast,” the mind naturally travels to something like a car or maybe a consumer pickup truck. However, by widening the scope a little bit throughout the rest of the automotive community, there are plenty of other platforms to pick from. You might just have to look a little bit harder but once you get there, the juice that’s found could be very much worth the squeeze. The perfect example of this is how the folks in the big rig community sometimes like to deck out their rides with custom work, creating rolling pieces of artwork.

In this one, we get a quick glimpse at a Kenworth 900, a truck that has been fully customized by the folks at Texas Chrome. While gazing from top to bottom, it’s not hard to tell that this specimen has really received a bit of love in just about every conceivable area. While overhauling the vehicle, no stone was left unturned in the pursuit of making this thing turn every last head in the parking lot or on the highway. Just from this short clip of the truck, we would have to say that the mission was surely accomplished because the rolling masterpiece manages to draw the eye in more way than one.

To get it going, the truck is powered by a 550 CAT with an 18 Speed transmission. Beyond that, literally every last component seems to be custom. Whether it’s powder coated, polished, or airbrushed, It’s not hard to see that somebody really sunk a lot of hard hours and brainpower into bringing together the craftsmanship that makes this machine amazing to look at. By checking out the video below, viewers can go on the roller coaster ride with the 365Trucking YouTube video that shows off one of the most custom big rigs that we’ve ever seen. We would recommend being careful not to blink because you’ll probably miss out on some of the attention to detail that really makes this thing pop.