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Big Tire Battle for $10,000 with the Stars From Street Outlaws

While, behind the scenes, lots goes on that makes racing more interesting, throwing some cash into the mix never really hurt the entertainment factor and this time, we check in at the Redemption 6.0 no prep where some big money is really on the line for the winner of this class.

In the class, we check out the”Old school” big tire cars in which competitors are required to have steel bodies and Vin numbers. In theory, these rules will bring the cars closer to true nostalgia-like streetcars that should make the stakes just a little bit more interesting and relatable for fans.

You’ve got to love it as the lights are on and shining bright as the action unfolds on a Friday night when some big time competitors step to the plate alongside a group of cars that you might find to be quite familiar as a collection of Street Outlaws step up to the plate to go to war.

Check out the video below that brings you the complete action from start to finish as Urban Hillbilly Action Videos is on the scene to bring the best of the action to your screen. Be sure to tell us which of these competitors you find to be your favorite of the bunch.