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Bike vs Cops, GROM 125 Hits Biker Running From Police

Running from the cops rarely ends well. Generally their radio communications give police a pretty distinct advantage over those fleeing, and as you can see in this clip, even if you do get away, you just might ruin your friends’ nights.

While there is no context, its safe to assume this group of Honda GROM riders has been doing something to attract the eye of Johnny Law before this video begins, as the officers are on the group’s location just a moment after the video starts. As the group goes to exit a side street, a trio of officers pull up and block their path. Most of the GROM pilots roll to a stop, but one intrepid rider decides speaking with the police isn’t on his to-do list, and he not-so-gracefully jumps up on to the curb and exits behind the makeshift fuzz blockade. Whether or not his decision to flee set the cops off, or if they were already on a mission to detain these riders is unclear, but regardless the motivation, the outcome is swift and harsh.

The bikers are all placed under arrest and informed that their pint-sized cycles are going to the impound. Whether or not that type of punishment was justified is hard to say because we don’t know just what this group had been up to, but the end result is a pretty crappy end to a night of riding for these guys.