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Biker Gets Taken Out By SUV Flipping Over

Every time you get behind the handlebars of a motorcycle, you’re taking a chance. Sure, you can strap all the safety equipment on which will definitely increase your chances of making it out on the other side with less injury, however, when you trust your personal safety to other motorists on the road as they wheel around in vehicles that are thousands of pounds, sometimes, you might just be asking for trouble. In this situation, we can see an extreme example of how something like that might unfold and it’s all caught on video.

For this motorcycle rider, it almost looks like something out of a Hollywood action movie as he simply cruising down the highway, minding his own business, when all of a sudden, an SUV ends up coming across multiple lanes of traffic, flipping over, and putting the rider in a position where he is forced to just take one for the team as he’s suddenly put in the position of playing running back while being clobbered by a lineman that just so happens to be an out-of-control SUV.

Via the Biker: “I was heading southbound on I-15 in San Diego and I was riding into work. I was coming up on a section of the highway that was notorious for wrecks and was looking out, but an SUV driven by a dude not paying attention swerved into the HOV to avoid another collision. He then struck a Toyota Avalon and flipped his SUV. He then slid across all lanes and struck me on my right side causing me to go airborne. The wreck caused multiple injuries to myself including two fractured vertebrae, a severely sprained ankle and messed up shoulder. I was in a back brace for five months.”

If you follow along down the video below, you’ll be able to see the scene for yourself as this one got incredibly ugly. Luckily, doesn’t look like there were any life-threatening injuries sustained in the incident, however, this is certainly one that is going to be playing in everybody’s mind for a while.