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Biker Kicks Car, Driver Retaliates and Causes a Pile Up on the Freeway

Sometimes, out of the roads, as you have probably seen in videos galore across the web, tempers can flare and when things get heated, let’s just say that situations can get rather ugly shortly after when drivers act on that anger. This time, thanks to somebody riding behind and filming the whole situation, we see what happens when a motorcycle rider rolls up on a car and kicks the side of the vehicle. From there, the driver of the car that had been kicked retaliated and things got mighty absurd.

After being kicked, the driver decided to swerve over into the motorcyclist instead of calling up the police. This didn’t knock the rider over, however, it caused the car to completely lose control, going nearly head on into the dividing wall and swerving back across the highway where it would run into the side of a Cadillac Escalade, sending the truck flying sideways and rolling over onto its roof. I bet that’s not something that the driver of the Escalade expected when they left for their morning commute.

Afterward, nobody ended up having any life-threatening injuries but the Escalade driver was sent to the hospital with minor injuries. It looks like they’re going to be alright, though. The only loose end left untied here is the fact that the motorcycle rider took off without stopping and police are now on the search for this rider.

I’m going to go ahead and say that everybody here probably feels like an idiot now that this small bout of road rage turned into something bigger that brought in an innocent person. You have to really feel for the Escalade driver who wasn’t even involved in the act but somehow ended up getting tangled up in something that would cost him his ride thanks to a couple of so-called “adults” who could keep their temper under wraps.

Road Rage Leads To Chain Reaction Crash Near Santa Clarita

ROAD RAGE: A kick from a motorcycle rider is followed by a car swerving wildly and slamming into a freeway median. The car then ricocheted into freeway lanes and into a truck, which overturned. STORY:

Posted by CBS Los Angeles on Thursday, June 22, 2017


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