BINGE IT NOW: Perfectly Good CTS-V Torn Down and Turned Into a Monster (Complete Series)

For those who aren’t in the know, one of our favorite things to do here at ...

For those who aren’t in the know, one of our favorite things to do here at Speed Society is to give away awesome cars. Winners of our contests will have their choice of one of an amazing ride or a heaping mound of cash. The most recent contest just so happens to offer a modified Cadillac CTS-V or $50,000.

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While the third generation of V is certainly an icon in its own right, we simply couldn’t leave well enough alone. We couldn’t just slap our name on a stock car. Instead, we teamed up with¬†Vengeance Racing¬†to modify this one to perfection. Let’s just say that we have the same frame of mind as most gearheads who just can’t leave things alone. The only difference between us and others is that we end up giving away the fruits of this labor.

Therefore, as soon as we took possession of this monster of a machine, we dialed up our friends at Vengeance Racing. From there, we concocted the perfect plan to make this thing create all sorts of power. When all was said and done, the final numbers would amount to 767 horsepower. When combined with the luxury of the Cadillac, this thing has everything that we think a gearhead could ever want.

While the car was being constructed, we took the liberty of bringing some cameras along for the ride. We know that, while following different build series, we definitely have learned a thing or two in addition to being entertained.

Therefore, we figured our fans would appreciate being able to check in with the creation of our very own dream machine.

We know that many are trapped inside because of the recent virus outbreak. Hopefully, we can help deliver a little bit of entertainment to make the time go by quicker.

By following along with the playlist below, you’ll be able to watch as this amazing machine truly comes to life. We really strive to bring top-tier automobiles to our giveaways. We think that most will find that this V falls in that category rather nicely.

Be sure to stay tuned, there are six videos in the series playlist below!

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