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Birdman blows his motor to Smithereens at PDRA VMP

Getting into the world of racing and trying to compete with the big dogs can be not only a long road with many twists and turns but also an expensive road that can have you taking out loans and draining your bank account before you know what hit you.

This time, we check out the display at PDRA VMP where Birdman shows you exactly how quickly the bill can rack up as he loses a motor in a matter of just seconds. We don’t even want to know what kind of money was tied up into and lost in this one.

We watch in on the car as it rockets down the track or at least tries to when after the first couple of feet, it goes up in a giant white cloud of smoke, indicating that the car is having some serious issues. The video description here confirms that he lost motor.

Check out the video below that shows all of the carnage. We never like to see a racer go down like that so hopefully he is back out there and heavy hitting with the big dogs again soon.