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BLACK MAMBA – 1500hp TT Ford GT

BLACK MAMBA – 1500hp TT Ford GT

There’s something about the Ford GT that plays the heart strings of every car enthusiast no matter if they’re fans of Chevy, Ford, or otherwise. The attention for the cars get serious when they belt out big power and Black Mamba has no shortage of that as it showed us at the most recent Shift S3ctor event.

Here’s what 1320video had to say about the car: “Every time this TWIN TURBO Ford GT pulled to the line literally EVERYONE stopped what they were doing to drool in awe of the sound and crazy acceleration of the car!

You could close your eyes and STILL be satisfied by this wicked machine!! The car is capable of 1500hp but was dialed down several times during the event due to traction.”

Check out the wonderful sights and sounds produced by the twin turbo GT in the video below.

Looks like the Black Mamba has some competition from this nitrous, supercharged, AND twin turbo GT!

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 11.58.43 AM

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