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Blast From The Past With This 70’s Cadillac Motorhome

When we’re thinking of something like a motorhome, it’s not necessarily a market segment that we would expect style from. Sure, some RV manufacturers might do a little bit to make their exterior look a touch sleek. However, we don’t think that they’re going to be entering any beauty contests anytime soon. At the end of the day, these machines really prioritize function over form when it comes to the exterior of such a vehicle.

However, we’ve got a reason to say that there have been people who have given it the good old college try when it comes to the way that their motorhomes look.

This time, in order to show us that recreational vehicles can be stylish, we take a look at the “Star Streak.” This machine doesn’t appear to have been built by or officially affiliated with Cadillac. However, it was created in the likeness of a 70s caddy, for sure. One look at it from just about any angle should easily give that away.

The machine rides in style thanks to components from a 1967 Cadillac Eldorado, apparently including so much as the chassis. The headlights and tail lights really give this one away. From there, though, the builder took it upon themselves to continue with the design concepts that the original car encompassed. From head to tail, we really get the 70s Cadillac vibe from this thing.

The machine was designed to be lived in primarily but also to be small enough to fit into a residential garage. Therefore, you might have to hunch over to get inside. However, once we do make our way inside, we find that it does have pretty much everything that one could ever want or need to live.

Long story even longer, this Cadillac inspired motorhome might not have the most amenities of anything on the market. However, it might be the best way to make a statement and earn some style points at the same time.


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