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Blind Mechanic Drives Car for the First Time With Help of Loving Son

With enough passion, one won’t let anything stand in their way. For Bart Hickey, he might be blind but that doesn’t stop him from loving the automobile. In fact, Hickey has even shown his passion for everything with wheels to the point where he has become a lifelong mechanic. You read that properly, a blind man has overcome the odds and become a mechanic. That’s something that a lot of folks with full use of their sight aren’t even that great at. That’s how bad he wanted to be involved with cars.

The one thing that Hickey couldn’t really do, though, was getting behind the wheel of a car and driving it. In fact, he might be one of the few mechanics who doesn’t drive on a regular basis. However, it turns out that a strong relationship with his son and a helping hand would be more than enough to get him behind the wheel.

When Bart’s son reached out to the folks at Mercedes-Benz, it turns out that they were more than willing to help. It’s not hard to imagine that there would have to be special circumstances in order to help Bart out with his dream to drive. With that, the folks behind this effort would head out to Alvord Lake. The dry lake bed would be the perfect place with no barriers to providing a safe driving experience for somebody without their sense of sight.

With that, Hickey would get behind the wheel of a Mercedes AMG GT R. This is a machine that dreams are made of and if you’re going to kick it off, you might as well kick it off right. In the heart-touching scene, we watch as Bart actually manages to get up to around 200 KMH which translates to about 125 MPH. This one is definitely a tearjerker as we watch a man not only appreciate just how much his son loves him but also we get to sit front row as Hickey realizes a dream that he probably thought to be impossible.


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