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Blowing Up a Ported POLK AUDIO Home Theather Subwoofer on 500 WATTS

Just like with any other sort of car modification, audiophiles have about a million ways that they can get their fix of speaker goodness. With all sorts of different pieces of equipment that can come together in different combinations, there are hundreds of thousands of different ways that you can combine to come to your optimal destination. With that in mind, obviously, as you probably ready know, some pieces of equipment are better than others. It might be a little bit of struggle to find just the right combination but it’s also probably a good idea to get out there to do your research to make sure you’re not buying cheap junk.

This time, we check out what some might regard as a good home audio system but probably not so great as it would compare to a decent car audio system. With just 500 Watts, YouTuber, EXOContralto pushes the speaker past its breaking point, wreaking havoc on the device as it spits out as much as it possibly can before things start to melt and burn, fusing together, and rendering the speaker pretty much useless. I think that it’s safe to say that this wouldn’t be something that you would want to use in your car under a constant load to create music.

The video below shows you the demonstration that has the speaker fighting with all of its might to be able to stand up to the power that’s being coursed through its veins but this setup doesn’t do the greatest job of handling it all. Afterward, keep watching as the speaker is dissected to see exactly what went wrong and which parts took a dive first that ultimately lead to the demise of this piece of home theater equipment. When you first started watching this, do you think that the speaker would have been so quick to let loose after being abused like that?

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