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BMW M Initiation

BMW M Initiation

The latest edition to the BMW performance family and first-ever BMW M4 has arrived. Since the car is brand spankin’ new, it’s up to BMW’s marketing team to make sure the platform is received as well as the rest of their performance M-series has been in the past. How do they go about accomplishing such a feat?

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For starters, they set up about the most attention grabbing experience you could possibly imagine though an epic initiation sequence with the help of 37 very trusting BMW enthusiasts who brought along their pride and joy. The new M4 piloted by what we assume to be a professional driver weaves in and out of hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of dollars worth of cars in one of the most epic car commercials in recent memory. This is the “M initiation.” Check out the incredibly nerve racking, once-in-a-lifetime display in the video below. Would you trust a drifter like that around your car – even if it is a professional?


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