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BMW M5 vs Kenworth W900 SEMI Truck

BMW M5 vs Kenworth W900 SEMI Truck

The Kenworth isn’t an average W900, nope; it was pretty heavily modified estimated to have about 1800 horsepower and 2,600 ft lbs of torque. But when you see a car line up against a truck, no one, thinks the big Class A truck can take a car. Let alone one that BMW performance built and has an incredible reputation like the M5. These furious factory cars are highly sought after for their top level performance and ultra-high end luxury features.

Looking at the video, the driver of the KW, had a better reaction time and was smooth through the gears. The BMW on the other hand had a poor reaction time and just didn’t burn through the gears like the big KW did. If you think the BMW wasn’t trying, watch it again. He left with a hard launch, squealing the tires slightly (indicating he wasn’t sandbagging, he just got his butt handed to him). The truck was able to win by half a car length.



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