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BMW Self Righting Motorcycle Could Prevent Accidents, And Save Lives

We’ve seen technology for motorcycles that helps keep a rider upright, but BMW has taken things to a whole new level. They don’t plan to actually manufacture a bike that does what you see in the video below, the technology featured in making this one-off project possible will almost certainly find its way into their motorcycles to help keep their riders safe.

This concept brought to life not only keeps itself upright, it can recognize and navigate turns, features that can be used in helping riders stay in their lane and prevent collisions. Despite the fact that they are at a much greater risk of fatal injuries than those drivers in cars, I believe that motorcyclist are some of the safest vehicle operators on the road. If you think about it, knowing you’re 28 times more likely to have fatal injuries if you crash, wouldn’t it make sense that you’d be keenly aware of what’s going on around you at all times?

This navigational technology could augment the rider’s situational awareness by allowing the driver to shift his focus more toward other vehicles in traffic as well as foreign objects and debris while the bike itself helps with lane-keeping awareness.

The bike can also start and stop itself, even as far as slowing to a stop, putting the kickstand down, and shutting down the engine. It can also fire the engine and take off from a standing start, something novice-level riders can have trouble with at times. It’s not clear if those particular technologies will make it into any production models, but it’s admittedly very cool to see a bike start it own engine and drive away, then in turn stop and park itself all with no ride on board.

BMW is always on the forefront of technology, especially when it comes to safety and this is just another stop in their journey toward keeping riders as safe as possible.