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The “Boaterhome” is Half Boat, Half Motor Home, All Fun

Under the guise of “recreational vehicle,” machines can take on a whole collection of faces. Because the vehicle is designed for fun, it seems like creators will take more chances. After all, the idea is to combine utility with fun and creativity is more than welcome here. In this particular case, we check out a machine that has been built for a great time. With it, the owner will be able to take the party to the sea as well as keeping it on land. Campgrounds and boat ramps alike will welcome this one.

It’s a boat, it’s a van, it’s an RV. The machine is known as the “Boaterhome” and essentially creates a modular boat and RV combination. Instead of a floating RV, as we’ve seen before, this one essentially allows the boat portion to slide out of the back. Believe it or not, this isn’t a one-off creation, either. Instead, 21 of these things were made back in the 80s. The platform built off of a Ford Econoline van really delivers on the unique factor. It looks like more than a gimmick, as well. We could see some serious traveling done in this thing!

Inside, the Boaterhome has everything from a kitchen with a stove to space to sleep. It even had air conditioning equipped for days on the water or at a campsite when it gets a bit hot. We’re not sure if this would be qualified as a surprise or not but it seems as if the interior resembles a traditional boat. Obviously, there is a bit more upside with the combo, though.

The owner of this particular Boaterhome is lucky enough to not have only one but two of them. The original belonged to his father and they modified a bit to fit their tastes. On the other hand, his more newly acquired Boaterhome is a bit of a project, admittedly. If we were to pick something that would be a blast to restore, though, this might be it!


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