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Boaters Struggle as They Take on the Ridiculously Rough Conditions in Boca Inlet

Inlet videos have definitely built quite a reputation for themselves. Tons of videos have circulated around the pages of YouTube that show off the wrath of mother nature that happens in this section of water. Some days, conditions get more intense than others.

Let’s just say that when the chop starts stirring, one never really knows what exactly is going to happen. Things could really get intense here.

We have seen all sorts of things happen in these sketchy inlets. From people flying overboard to boaters taking on water, lots of different factors can play into which outcome happens. Sometimes, people are just the victims of being in the wrong place at the wrong time with a little bit of bad luck. Other times, though, we find boaters who definitely put themselves in a bad situation due to a complete lack of experience. Gathering this experience is important before taking on a raging inlet like this.

This time, we check out a variety of boaters who take on Boca Inlet when it’s at its worst. The swells here are pretty large and some of these boats aren’t exactly yachts. Watching the small vessels try to tangle with the rough conditions is definitely putting folks on the edge of the seats, waiting to see exactly what’s going to happen next.

By following along with the video below from Wavy Boats, we get a view of the action from dryland that allows us to see how the people behind the controls here handle such choppy water. This is definitely not a situation that we would wish on anyone. If somebody was out there and didn’t know exactly what they were doing, things could get downright dangerous. Luckily, it looks like everybody here managed to power their way through the choppy water without too much struggle.


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